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Monday 24.4.2017

Soup of the day



Main course

Homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gherkin


Confit duck leg, sweet white cabbage, bun and potato dumplings


Selection of spring salads with vinaigrette, Jamón Ibérico croquettes


Special offer from our PERMANENT menu

TAPAS PLATO ORIGINAL Flank steak served with selection of tapas:
olives & gherkin, marinated mushrooms, confit shallots, salsa Chimichurri, Julienne fries


Drink of the day

Homemade orangeade


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About the restaurant

About the restaurant

La Boca is a distinctive district of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, famed for its vivid colours and excellent food. The area is inhabited mainly by immigrants and therefore many cultures are blended here (though primarily Italian and Spanish). That combination of Spanish, Italian and Argentinean culture and cuisine became the inspiration for LA BOCA RESTAURANT in Prague.

Just like in the district of La Boca, we want to offer our customers the same gastronomic variety influenced by the mix of various cultures. The basis of our cuisine consists of quality, fresh ingredients imported directly from Spain and Argentina. During the summer months, our customers can enjoy food served up directly from our garden grill or sit comfortably and listen to live music.

We prepare our steaks from the highest quality Argentinean meat, which is known for its characteristic flavour.

Our pasta is exclusively homemade on the premises.

Our philosophy is to offer customers an out-of-the-ordinary gastronomic experience and a personal approach.


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