Vermuth Artesano 10 cl
Original Vermouth from Andalusia, served with ice and a slice of orange.
Martini Extra Dry / Bianco / Rosso / Rosado 10 cl 85,-
Campari Bitter 5cl 85,-
Aperol Barbero 5 cl 85,-
Sherry Alvear cream/medium dry 5cl 80,-
Fonseca porto Ruby 5cl 85,-
Fonseca porto 10 y.o. 5cl 175,-
A soft drink made using herb extracts

Draught beer

Pilsner Urquell 0,5 l / 0,3 l 59,-/ 35,-

Bottled beer

Velkopopovický kozel Dark 0,5 l 55,-
Corona 0,33 l
Original Mexican beer
Estrella Barcelona 0,33 l 85,-
Quilmes cerveza (Argentina) 0,33 l 95,-
Birell non-alkoholic beer lager/“ale“/pomelo&grapefruit 0,33 l 55,-


Kingswood apple cider 0,33 l 75,-
Kingswood dry apple cider 0,33 l 75,-
Koppaberg pear cider 0,33 l 80,-
Frisco cranberry 0,33l 75,-

Homemade lemonades

Popular homemade lemonades with ice
Orangade lemonade 0,3 l / 0,7 l 55,- / 95,-
Elderflower ale 0,3 l / 0,7 l 55,- / 95,-
Mint ale 0,3 l / 0,7 l 55,- / 95,-
Lemonade 0,3 l / 0,7 l 55,- / 95,-
Ginger lemonade 0,3 l / 0,7 l 55,- / 95,-
Cucumber lemonade 0,3 l / 0,7 l 55,- / 95,-

Soft drinks

Coca-Cola 0,33 l
Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola light / Coca-Cola Zero
Ice tea 0,2 l
peach / lemon
Tonic Kinley / Ginger ale 0,25 l 49,-
Mattoni Grand 0,33 l / 0,75 l
sparkling / gently sparkling / still mineral water
45,- / 85,-
Aquila Grand 0,75 l still mineral water 85,-
Aqua de la casa 0,7 l
Tap water with orange and mint
Freshly-squeezed juice 0,2 l / 0,4 l
grapefruit / orange / mix
75,- / 125,-
Juice 0,2 l
orange, apple, blackcurrant, strawberry, pineapple, tomato

Hot drinks

Dark / Milk chocolate with nuts
Belgian chocolate served with hot milk
 Grog  55,-
 Homemade hot wine  65,-


Fresh roasted coffee from local roaster. La Boca blend 90% Arabica, 10% Robusta.

Espresso Lungo 45,-
Ristretto 45,-
Espresso 45,-
Espresso Lungo 45,-
Cappuccino 55,-
Late Macchiatto 65,-
Flat White (double cappuccino) 85,-

Special coffee with homemade whipped cream

Algerian coffee 75,-
Irish coffee 95,-
Baileys coffee 95,-
Kahlúa coffee 90,-
Amaretto coffee 85,-
Viennese coffee 65,-
Iced coffee with milk 75,-


English Breakfast tea 55,-
Black tea with raspberry 55,-
Earl Grey 55,-
Green tea 55,-
Camomile tea 55,-
Fruit tea with strawberries and raspberries 55,-
Rooibos Rooibos
Fresh mint tea 65,-
Fresh ginger tea 65,-


A traditional drink from South America made using the leaves and stalks of Yerba mate. The high caffeine content provides an influx of energy in the case of mental and physical exhaustion.
Yerba Mate with stalks 65,-
Green mate 65,-
Mate flavoured with pieces of pineapple and orange peel 75,-

Vodka 4 cl

Finlandia 80,-
Finlandia Cranberry 80,-
Russian Standard 85,-
Russian Standard Premium gold 95,-

Gin 4 cl

Beefeater 85,-
Bombay saphire 95,-

Tequila 4 cl

Casco viejo blanco 85,-
Casco viejo joven 85,-
Cabrito blanco 100% agáve 125,-
Cabrito reposado 100% agáve 125,-

Bourbon, Whiskey 4 cl

Bulleit Bourbon 110,-
Jack Daniel’s 95,-
Tullamore Dew 85,-
Jameson 85,-
Johny Walker Black label 125,-
Chivas Regal 12y.o. 135,-

Scotch single malt 4 cl

Laphroaig 10y.o. 170,-
The Glenlivet 12 y.o. 170,-

Cognac, Brandy 4 cl

Hennessy VS 165,-
Hennessy VSOP 195,-
Metaxa***** 85,-

Spanish Brandy 4 cl

Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jeréz 155,-
The intense dark colour with aromas of roasted almonds, caramel, vanilla and
nutmeg. Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva is 12-years top quality brandy.
Gran Duque de Alba Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jeréz 155,-
This famous Solera Gran Reserva brandy was named after well-known Spanish
duke. Mahogany colour with aroma of caramel, dried fruits and spicy lemon
and vanilla, with a long finish. According to Wine Enthusiast belongs to four
best brandies in its category.
Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jeréz 155,-
Cardenal Mendosa brandy is aged in American oak barrels previously used to
age Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso wines. Dark mahogany colour with aromas of
raisins and plums, espresso coffee and a touch of liquorice.


Abuelo Añejo 4 cl
Ron Abuelo Añejo is a distinguished rum that matures in white oak barrels. It is made by fementing molasses. A delicate flavour, with a hint of the wood and the mature rum.
Abuelo Reserva Superior 7 let/7 YO 4 cl
The tropical climate and precise supervision of the master rum maker combine down the years to ensure the development of a refined aroma and a distinguished taste.
Abuelo Gran Reserva 12 let/12 YO 4 cl
Distilled using refined virgin sugar cane and matured in a selection of the best white oak barrels. Matures in special barrels in the tropical sun until reaching perfection. Its character, silkiness and complexity are sure to satisfy even demanding connoisseurs with exquisite taste.
Zacapa Centenario 23 let/23 YO 4 cl
The Zacapa rum plantations are fond in south-west Guatemala. It is said that these plantations are the best on Earth for the production of sugar cane thanks to their combination of micro-climate, soil and temperature.
Diplomático Reserva 8 let/8 YO 4 cl
Matured Diplomático rums are made in Venezuela and are regularly ranked among the best South American rums. Diplomático Reserva is an exceptionally balanced rum that is characterised by a gentle fruit flavour reminiscent of oranges.
Pyrat XO Reserve 4 cl
Pyrat XO Reserve is a blend of fifteen-year old rums that mature on the coral islands of Anguilla. Brings together the best flavours of the Caribbean with its pungent scent of spice and orange undertones.
Don Papa 4 cl
This premium rum is made in small batches on the island of Negros in the Philippines. The juice of some of the most incredible sugar cane in the world is fermented, distilled and then put in American white oak barrels on the slopes of Mount Kanlaon.
Chairman´s Reserve Spiced 4 cl
Sérum Elixir de ron 4 cl

Spirits, Liqueurs 4 cl

Grappa Marzardo Le Diciotto Lune 165,-
Absinth Petit Frere Natural 155,-
Amareto Venice 80,-
Cointreau 115,-
Baileys 85,-
Kahlúa 80,-
Sambuca Ramazzotti 85,-
Jägermeister 80,-

Czech spirits, Liqueurs 4 cl

Slivovice (plum brandy) 90,-
Meruňkovice (apricot brandy) 90,-
Jablkovice (apple brandy) 90,-
Ořechovice (nut brandy) 90,-
Višňový likér (cherry liqueur) 90,-
Pommeau 90,-
Fernet Stock / Citrus 75,- / 75,-
Becherovka Original / Lemond 90,- / 90,-


Homemade Sangría Traditional Spanish wine drink with vermouth, apples and oranges 0,3 l / 0,7 l 65,- / 120,-
La Boca Martini sweet cocktail Finlandia Cranberry, Martini Bianco 115,-
Martini dry cocktail Gin, Martini dry 115,-
Margharita Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh lemon juice 155,-
Caipirinha Limes, sugar, Cachaca 115,-
Tequila sunrise Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadine 135,-
Piňa Colada Rum, Coconut sirup, cream, pineapple juice 145,-
Mojito Limes, sugar, mint, Rum, Soda Water 145,-
Fruity Mojito (strawberry, raspberry, coconut, elderflower) 155,-
Gin Fizz Gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda water 125,-
Elderflower Fizz Elderflower Gin Fizz with ginger 145,-
Aperol Spritz Aperol, New Age sparkling wine, soda water 135,-
Old Fashioned Cocktail mixed from Bulleit Bourbon 145,-

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Coconut Dream Coconut sirup, orange &pineapple juice, cream 80,-
Miami Orange&pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine 80,-
Virgin Mojito Limes, sugar, mint, soda water 85,-
Virgin Fruit Mojito 95,-
(strawberry, raspberry, elderflower, coconut)